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Title: Fragments of Capri

Fragments of Capri

Fragments of Capri

Fragments of Capri | 2011 | $125

Pigment inkjet prints, gold-stamped vellum spine.

5.5 x 4 x .5”

unnumbered series of 100, pages and cover wrappers vary; 16 pages


The painting that hung over the bookmaker’s childhood sofa; photographed, digitally printed actual size, deconstructed, and bound using the drum leaf structure.

The pocket-size format references travel guidebooks. Fragmented glimpses of the painting may also function as metaphor for memory, and the unanswered questions that elude memory.

What importance does a painting hold when it is the only work of art a family owns? What role does that painting play in one’s consciousness when it has become so familiar it is an unnoticed part of the household landscape. What clues about the family’s history might the painting hold? Where, when, why was it acquired?

Or maybe, to paraphrase Freud, sometimes a painting is just oil on canvas…


What an exquisite little book....delicate colors blending softly over the cover, wedges of cloud smeared skies, placid blue water, the pastel angles of cliffs, a small boat dancing over gentle waves, smudges of leaves and branches curled against the grassy hillsides....a world of peaceful scenes caught once by the artist’s brush and now again, transformed in this charming little book. Memories overlapping on each page. This is a work of art that refreshes and inspires.

Picasso Gaglione, mail art pioneer and Fluxus historian