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Title: Franklin Fatigue

Franklin Fatigue

Franklin Fatigue

Franklin Fatigue: Reflections on life, liberty, fortune and romance by America’s founding father and Philadelphia’s favorite son | 2009 | $150

Pigment inkjet prints, false accordion binding in quarter cloth case

6 ½ x 5 x ½”

edition of 100
Originally created for a friend eager to leave Philadelphia, this tongue-in-cheek tribute combines portraits and proverbs by the ubiquitous author, publisher, statesman, ladies’ man and inventor. Cover illustration by Henry Maron.


A book should be both a joy to read and a joy to hold. Karen Hanmer's latest book, Franklin Fatigue, fits both bills. Hanmer's wit and wisdom are once again present, channeled through the writings of Ben Franklin. Through the clever use of Mr. Franklin's quotes and quips, Hanmer reflects not only on our most loquacious of Founding Fathers, but on the current situation... in all it's glory and messiness. But the messiness is only in the current situation, because Hanmer’s careful craftsmanship is evident throughout Franklin Fatigue. The book feels right in the hand. The pages turn easily. And as with any page turner, you'll want to keep turning them to read all those wonderful things about good old Ben. And there are enough quotes and facts to surprise anyone but the most devoted of Franklin scholars.
— Eric Alstrom, book arts instructor and Collections Conservator, Michigan State University Libraries