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Title: Random Passions

Random Passions

Random Passions

Random Passions | 2008 | $100

Laser prints on “vellum” paper, pamphlet in case binding covered with velvet finish book cloth, hot stamped title.


Edition of 100
Couples from romance novel covers traced on translucent paper layer together and multiple new combinations emerge.


That shameful temptress Karen Hanmer has really done it this time! Under that tantalising red cover is a heady series of swooning ladies and masterful men. In a whirlwind of passion, dozens of romance novels have been condensed into one steamy artist’s book of multiple outlines emerging through transparent papers. Will you be able to resist Random Passions? I couldn’t, it was so good I had to buy two.
—Sarah Bodman, UWE, Bristo

Karen Hanmer exploits both materials (transparent paper) and format (the codex) to create her orgy of embracing figures, all traced from the covers of romance novels. It thrills me to think of the hot action these couples get being so closely bound between the book’s red covers!
—Barb Tetenbaum, Triangular Press