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Title: Contemporary Paper Bindings model set

 Contemporary Paper Bindings model set

Contemporary Paper Bindings model set

Contemporary Paper Bindings: A guide to bookbinding techniques, tools, and materials
Boxed set of ten structure models plus manual | 2016 | $2600

The manual is also available separately, print on demand.

Models of individual binding structures are also available separately. Please inquire.

Ten paper bindings in a clamshell box, mostly non-adhesive, mostly unsupported sewing: three folded paper cases, supported and unsupported laced cases, long stitch, chain stitch with decorative guards, double-pamphlet in tipped wrapper, multi-section pamphlet, German stiffened paper binding with double-fan adhesive text block.

The set also includes a 140 page hand-bound b&w laser-printed manual: a skill-building guide to bookbinding techniques, tools, and materials with a glossary and an extensive bibliography (many of the resources available online). Chapters on tools and supplies, ergonomics, signature preparation, endsheets, sewing and working with case-weight papers precede complete instructions for crafting ten different paper binding structures. Each process is illustrated with numerous b&w photographs and diagrams. The instructions for each structure are also provided as PDFs on digital media for classroom distribution.

Each model approximately 6.5 x 4.5", manual 9 x 6"

For centuries paper has served as a quick, elegant, and economical covering material for books. These models and accompanying instructions will introduce beginners to the basic tools, techniques and materials of bookbinding. Experienced practitioners will discover how features from multiple bindings can be combined to create a new, custom structure to meet the requirements of any project. All of these structures can be made in a sparsely-equipped studio with minimal specialized tools or equipment.

This material is also covered in a workshop which can be condensed or expanded to fit a time frame of one to five days.

Please note these sets are made to order and may not be available for immediate delivery. Average turn-around time is nine to twelve months.